Why Buy Apple Smartwatch To Watch Time?

Why Buy Apple Smartwatch To Watch Time? 

Why buy apple smart watch
The Apple Watch is the shuttlecraft to an iPhone. Most of what you can do on Watch, you can also do on iPhone and make it smart
apple smart watch
apple watch

.in day by day, lots of people avoid smartphone using the smartwatch to just watch time and simple task. if you're on Android, it's time to decide whether a smartwatch matters enough in your life to switch.
apple watch use in daily life
health and fitness
Apple has recently re-focused Watch marketing around health and fitness and it's no mystery as to why. With a heart-rate monitor built-in and GPS on the latest Series 3 models, Apple Watch makes for a compelling exercise and wellness companion.
apple watch
apple watch
You automatically track all the basics, including standing and moving around as well as exercise, steps, and stairs climbed.
  There's also a Notification Center, just like on iPhone, so you can swipe down and glance at everything and anything that's come in and quickly see what's happening and what, potentially, you need to take care of. And you can do it without reaching into your pocket or Bag

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What to do with apple watch 
you want to spend less time on your iPhone and more time out and about
the idea of super-convenient tap-to-pay and fitness tracking appeals to you
you want to be able to glance at a call or message before deciding whether to reach for your phone
 or avoid reaching all
you want to experiment with the future right now, today
 probably want to try out an Apple Watch.

Who shouldn't get an Apple Watch

If you don't like watches or already have a traditional watch you'd never want to take off
would rather reach for your iPhone or don't have an iPhone at all
simply want to wait for a future generation to see where wrist computing goes
... you probably don't want or need an Apple Watch.
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