Time mechin travelling possible

We found time machine yes| it is possible just inserted e=mc2[tsdv™]
Means when we set t is latest time and time to go
S is season and climate
Download is date of fix by2.-1 light year
And v is velocity or speed to make infinity to tech in extrem conditions in human body in 22°in any place of earth

Mechin is not a gadget it is weight measure mechin like we stand on this it it beams on place to another place to using super light year travelling speed
The speed make. By using Tesla and high movie hydrogen vaccum and free electron in only 22volt in any condition
But when we go in past we see every thing not change feature and travel person is invisible like soul frequency we go in feature but when come back we loss memory and any recordings
Amazing thing in feature government
Make banned on time mechin in 2048
Pollution leavel conteolled successful
Seen bigger astroid in near to moon
Flying bikes accident
Super humen sells develop to make injection to make any person 30 year extra life
NO SMART PHONE only glass in hand
Find alien on earth 22 planet
Have biggest technology and beam technology
To transfer person in one place another place

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