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one of the fastest growing company of this time
In the sneaker business, the feet of professional athletes are the most valuable billboards in the world. The company that gets its shoes on the best basketball players, football players and soccer players wins, because those athletes’ footwear choices have outsize influence over everyone else’s purchasing.
Nike is known to outfit professional athletes, but the sportswear brand and a space-obsessed artist are more unexpected partners-in-merch. Nevertheless, five years ago, Tom Sachs collaborated with Nike on a shoe for Tommaso Rivellini, a mechanical engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.,by the the using the same material Rivellini used to invent airbags for Mars rovers. The sneakers quickly became part of the Sachs studio uniform; in time, however, the artist and his cohort discovered that the shoe “breaks like a paper clip” if it’s folded too much in the same spot. “We put it through all of the usual Nike tests,” Sachs notes, “but we discovered an unknown unknown.”and also many more

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