WhatsApp Text Status Gets a Colourful Update,

Whats app new feature:
How does WhatsApp coloured text status work?

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While some users may see the feature, others will see it pop up soon. For iPhone users, the pen icon now shows up next to the camera icon in the new Status bar. Clicking on the pen icon brings up the option to type a status, choose a font, emoji, and the background colour as well. When you're done writing the status and making the necessary changes, you can then hit the green arrow key to send the text status, just like how you send media content now. The status will then be published on WhatsApp for all your contacts to see. For Android users, the floating pen icon shows up at the bottom of the Status tab, above the camera icon.and some change you do with your setting in typing and many more.

The tipster also confirms that WhatsApp for Windows Phone does not support this feature, and on the Web, you can only view these text statuses for now, and not create them.

Furthermore, the tipster claims that the iPhone app will now support more stickers, and bring an improved chat search feature as well. The stickers are disabled for now, but will be switched on in future releases. Lastly, WhatsApp v2.17.50 for iPhone also brings the ability to bold, italicise, and strikethrough text from the typing bar itself. Just tap and hold the word you want to format, and select the option from the floating options that appear.or you change your whats app theme and font .
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