What is yoga how much powerful

What is yoga how much powerful
Yoga features a series of stretching exercises that help relax a person's body and mind. Beginners can start with easy stretch poses and gradually work up to the ones that require more flexibility and balance.
Proper breathing pairs with the various stretches to create a full-body balance. Breathing is often rhythmic and slow. Some stretch poses call for specific breathing patterns that help the person relax and keep the posture straight.
Yoga is ideal for people who cannot perform rigorous exercise due to certain health conditions. Regular yoga stretches can help lower cholesterol and high blood pressure. Some medical professionals advise those who have heart problems or a history of stroke to take part in yoga.

A person who is interested in learning yoga can take classes from an experienced yoga trainer. Many gyms offer yoga classes. Those who prefer to practice yoga at home can learn from instructional DVDs. In order to receive the full benefits, proper form and breathing are important when performing yoga exercises.

Can yoga help with depression:

Though yoga doesn't exactly cure depression, studies have shown that the practice can have a definite positive effect. For example, aevery year study from Duke University showed that yoga practice was helpful for several mental illnesses, including depression.
The study revealed that yoga practice can have a beneficial effect on the brain's chemical messengers, similar to the way that antidepressant drugs act. However, in these studies the people practiced yoga mostly in groups, so it is difficult to say whether the social exposure or the yoga itself was responsible for the study participants' positive response.
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