How to Protect smartphone Data

               Smartphone Protect our Data

In recently most of the apps contains malware and spy and many more apps are using your information  and most of the china mobile have this problem of secure data
and many antivirus company and antivirus we are using but how much they are protect our data this is big problems but how many people know this problems no one think deep

How to know : most of the time u searching any result in any searching sits

and suppose you search any bag information after your all social sits u see this all bags related  ads and how is this possible Because our mobile security not in our hand in our mobile and laptops ,

How to Protect our mobile and laptop:

  1. don't use any app which ask your contact information 
  2. don't use crk game or app
  3. turn off your location when no need 
  4. delete app which harms your mobile 
  5. don't use public wifi
  6. when u enter your bank detail in any app,after using app delete this information
  7. use only verified mobile payment app or bank site
  8. don't use app without verification
  9. before install any app read privacy policies 
  10. do not share your mobile no in any site or app
and many more thing which you don't know but u follow this steps and many more , for protect your data
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