s pen for samsung note8

s pen for samsung note8

samsung company always trying to new and make easy and smart their device now recently samsung galaxy note8 launch and here samsung s pen We start by looking at the shrinking differences between the Galaxy S8+ and Note 8 and what that means for the future of Samsung smartphones. The S Pen forms the backbone of the Galaxy Note 8 experience but is there much more than that to differentiate it from the S8 and the S8+? We're not too sure. Gagan and Aditya talk about the specifications of the Galaxy Note 8 and wonder whether it's an incremental update or a full-fledged new smartphone.

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s pen for note s8
The discussion moves towards Samsung's software, and new technology where we bring up some of the new features of the Galaxy Note 8 such as Live Focus and the way it has implemented the dual cameras. We talk about the dual OIS feature of the camera and how that impacts the way you click photographs. Bixby is another big part of the discussion as we wonder whether the voice assistant can be as good as Google Assistant.

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