Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's game

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle's

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle gameplay, accessibility, and balance
One of the problems with strategy games is that they're typically not as accessible as shooters or platforms. Mario and Rabbids on the other hand are both very noob-friendly franchises. Would Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle be a game that anyone could pick up and play, without sacrificing depth or variety?

“We wanted this game to be truly accessible, and I always say that for me this game is like an onion," says Soliani. "So, you start with the first layer, but as soon as you peel off the different layers you discover new things, new levels of depth. But the first impact the player should have is the accessibility part, that’s why our way to refresh the genre was to add the dynamism.”

suppose if you play you will notice that, for examplemario  can run, do a triple dash and then team jump, go behind cover and still the player has a different action to perform," he continues. "Maybe the camera is following the sequence with different angles, in an action-oriented way.
 first reference was, okay if we are going to do a tactical game we should bring something new to the genre, to refresh it a little bit," explains Soliani. "So, I wanted something dynamic in the combat, something like Mario Kart. and, we thought about ‘Mario Kart without the Kart’, or ‘Mario Kart on foot’. The second reference we had was Worms.”
How Ubisoft Milan convinced Nintendo to show Mario with a gun:
While Ubisoft Milan handles the game’s development, Nintendo has played a supervisory role through and through. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle marks the first time the Kyoto-based company’s popular mascot is seen with a gun. Before seeing the light of day, was there any resistance to Ubisoft’s idea of portraying Nintendo's famous mascot with a pistol?

“[Regarding the gun] we were the first and biggest filter before reaching Nintendo. The whole presentation of the weapons happened in Kyoto, but before going there we knew that it was the first time Mario was holding a weapon, we knew that it was possibly working only if it was merging well with the tone of voice, the light-hearted kind of aspect," says Soliani. "We used a lot of disproportion to create our weapons, we didn’t want them to look real, but at the same time we wanted the player to understand the function by just seeing the visua are best,
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