Oceans and seas secret you know this..

Oceans and seas secret you know this

Oceans and seas cover about 70% of Earth's surface and account for about 97% of its total water. the ocean and seas play a circular role in regulating temperature variations and determining climate and many more factor affecting.the water absorb heat form the sun especially in tropical region and the surface currents distribute in around the earth warming overlaying our masses  and neighbouring land in winter and calling them in summer

The oceans are never Steel difference size in temperature and salinity drive deep current testing while surfing currents are generated by winds blowing over the Ocean all currents are detected to the right in the Northern hemisphere to the left in Southern hemisphere .as a result of Earth rotation is affecting on factor to climate and cloud factor is known as the coriolis factor.current sea beans on the surface is immediately deflected this current eastern generates a current in the layer of water beneath, which is also reflected as a movement is transmitted downwards the deflection form and Ekman spiral the water of the oceans and seas are also moved by the constant ebb and Pluto tides this is not only one a
Factor who is say about this is a natural aquatic cycle we say about this man life cycles depend on this water water system and to help to survive underwater aquatic life like animal plants other microorganisms fish and many more aquarium in each part of oceans the water level is low to high and high to low this is discontinuous in each place when you go in underwater you see much depth and darkness but there also server in life system
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