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Hi friendsThe Facebook News Feed can get overwhelming at times, and you often see trivial updates from acquaintances, while missing important posts from people you care about. To avoid this, Facebook has finally introduced News Feed Preferences to prioritize what you see in the news feed. With the new preferences, you can:
  • Prioritize your friends so the important people show up first. Just tap to star your favorites, Facebook will make sure their posts pop up first.
  • Unfollow acquaintances in bulk, so that you still appear as friends without seeing their posts in your timeline. It’s on the best way
  • Reconnect with people you unfollowed, by just in case you made a mistake.
  • Follow brands and pages in bulk.
This option is already available in the iOS app and has rolled out to a few Android users, but will be available across Android and Web in the coming weeks, so be patient if you don’t already see it and many more
Facebook requires you to install Messenger separately anyway, so why is that Facebook app taking so many megabytes of space on your phone? Facebook Lite is a new app from the social networking giant which cuts the flab.
It is perfect for phones with low disk space. In fact, it also runs faster on phones with older hardware. And it also includes Messenger, so you don’t need a separate app to chat with your friends.
Our detailed Facebook Lite review has everything you need to know, along with download options if you can’t get it from the official Play Store link below.

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