Apple ipad history which make first ebook reader

Apple ipad history which make first ebook reader

By The early 1990s electronic circuitry had been miniaturized to such that extent that it was possible to make small handed or pocket computing  device.the first was this PDA Personal Digital Assistant Which offering the feature of including address and bool,calendar and note pad and now the PDAs have been overtaken by the position of Smartphone with internet and email access .
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.a related product is the e-book reader ,which stores books in digital forms uses electronic paper to look like normal paper this book is thin flat display, but it is actually a complete computer but now this take one more flying to coding and make app which the run and show information in one screen and consuming less time and make people smarter but apple  pad is the best and it has multi touch interface providing in many smart applications and today the apple goes to no1 .

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